Ukrainian President and Wife Take A Staged VOGUE Photoshoot As The Nation Burns

As Ukraine burns President Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife, Olena Zelenska, took time out to pose for a Vogue photoshoot this week.

Why not, the United States has sent over an unaccounted-for, over $50 billion dollars, to their corrupt government.

Mark Eglinton posted this interesting phone showing some of the funds.

Via Dailyo — Photographer Annie Leibovitz captured the couple in a series of shots, seemingly a testament to their marriage surviving the Russian siege on their country. The Ukrainian President is seen donning his familiar olive green getup, embracing his wife in one, and holding hands across a table in another photo.

To make sure the propaganda was created to be the most effective, the very corrupt couple spent considerable time staging the scenes for the images.

Many on Twitter quickly slammed the couple.

Steve Bannon weighed in on Gettr.

Wow, the United States is being played by the corrupt Ukrainian President, just like everywhere else around the world, including on Capitol Hill.

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