Biden Mispronounces Islamophobia After Accusing Americans of Targeting Muslims – VIDEO

Biden Mispronounces Islamophobia After Accusing Americans of Targeting Muslims – VIDEO

Once again President Biden was given a chance to speak to the nation, to share hope for those struggling with out-of-control inflation, and encourage people from every background to come together in the most diverse nation on Earth, as Americans.

The left is celebrating the fact that the Bidens marked the end of Ramadan while restoring the Eid al-Fitr celebration at the White House. It was the first such celebration since Barack Obama was in office.

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Instead of uniting the nation, President Biden condemned all the violence against Muslims on Monday. He blamed Americans, without any proof, that their minority group is being persecuted for their religious beliefs and ethnicity in our nation.

Joe also had to throw in the social justice terms such as equitable and inclusive when describing what America should become more of.

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In one of his trademark, awkward moments, while reading a teleprompter Biden stumbled on the word Islamophobia saying: “Muslims make our nation stronger every single day, even as they still face real challenges and threats in our society including targeted violence and Islamicphobia,”

The president also stammered while trying to remember the names of the persecuted Uyghur and Rohingya Muslim communities who were prevented from celebrating the holiday but did not mention that China was the source of their persecution and oppression.

To start his speech, Biden chose two young Muslim boys from the audience and brought them up on stage next to him.  What are the odds they were randomly chosen? If you said zero I agree with you.

Biden asked the boys if they were ready to be president of the United States.

“All kidding aside, look at these young men. They can be anything they want in this country if we’re smart,” he said.

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Biden also joked that the fasting season of Ramadan was shorter than the fasting season of Lent.

“For Lent, I gotta go 40 days with no sweets and no ice cream … and I did it. 40. It’s harder guys. You know what I mean?” he said.

Biden repeated his frequent observation that the United States was a nation founded on the idea that all men and women were created equal, actually completing more of the lines from the Declaration of Independence than previous attempts, but only one of them.

“We’ve never met that goal, but we’ve never walked away from it, except one brief moment,” he said, likely hinting at his predecessor former President Donald Trump.

“And we’re back. We’re back. No, I really mean it,” he said proudly.

Fortunately for Joe and his team of handlers, very few people watched today’s events, and most on the left don’t appear to not care that Joe can’t handle a very short White House event, without mumbling and stumbling, which makes their dysfunctional relationship work.

For the rest of us Americans, it’s time for Joe to go back to his basement, he seems to do less damage there.