How Embarrassing – Biden Cowers Down To China’s Xi Jinping

How Embarrassing – Biden Cowers Down To China’s Xi Jinping

After 15 months in office,  the world can clearly see that President Joe Biden is a weak man, who appears to be indebted to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The New York Times admitted on Wednesday that the information in the New York Post story concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop content was authentic after all. The emails and images on Hunter’s abandoned laptop show Hunter sold access to his father, as the VP, and that Joe also benefited financially from the transactions.

The president has frequently downplayed any danger of a strong China but instead has applauded the success of the CPP.

Vice President Joe Biden says a rising China will spur both U.S. and Chinese economies to innovate. (May 9, 2011)

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As the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden downplayed the economic threat posed by China during a campaign stop in Iowa on Tuesday. He scoffed at the idea that China could overtake the U.S. as a world leader, telling a crowd in Iowa City, “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man.” (2 May 2019)

Following a video call between President Joe Biden and Chinese dictator Xi Jinping on Friday morning, the Chinese Foreign Ministry distributed a detailed account of the call immediately, within the hour through Chinese state media.

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In China’s account of the call, Xi told Biden he could not expect any help from Beijing cleaning up the mess he made in Ukraine.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Biden told Xi the United States does not “seek a new Cold War with China” — a favorite talking point of the Chinese Communist Party.

Biden again assured Xi the U.S. does not seek to “change China’s system,” does not support “Taiwan independence,” and “has no intention to seek a conflict with China.”

According to the Chinese readout, Biden repeated these pledges to Xi twice during the call. “I take these remarks very seriously,” Xi responded.

Biden said that instead of conflict, the United States wants “candid dialogue and closer cooperation” leading to “steady growth” in its relationship with Beijing.

President Biden expressed readiness to stay in close touch with President Xi to set the direction for the U.S.-China relationship,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

Xi proceeded to lecture Biden about the “predicament created by the previous U.S. administration,” especially the problem that “some people in the U.S. have sent a wrong signal to ‘Taiwan independence forces’” that is “very dangerous.”

White House previews of the Biden-Xi call suggested Biden wanted to persuade China to join the European-led effort to isolate Russia for invading Ukraine. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Biden completely struck out in this endeavor.

Instead, Xi told Biden that China wants peace in Ukraine but opposes U.S. and European sanctions against Russia. Xi implied the U.S. and NATO bear responsibility for sparking the Russia-Ukraine conflict and should, therefore, take responsibility for solving it.

“He who tied the bell to the tiger must take it off,” Xi told Biden, using a Chinese aphorism of which he is reportedly fond.

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Xi told Biden:

Sweeping and indiscriminate sanctions would only make the people suffer. If further escalated, they could trigger serious crises in global economy and trade, finance, energy, food, and industrial and supply chains, crippling the already languishing world economy and causing irrevocable losses.

“The more complex the situation, the greater the need to remain cool-headed and rational. Whatever the circumstances, there is always a need for political courage to create space for peace and leave room for political settlement,” he said.

Xi concluded:

An enduring solution would be for major countries to respect each other, reject the Cold War mentality, refrain from bloc confrontation, and build step by step a balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture for the region and for the world. China has been doing its best for peace and will continue to play a constructive role.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences fellow Lu Xiang told the state-run Global Times that Xi asserted a leadership position over Biden in the call, sending an important message to America and her allies that conflict with China is irresponsible.

“I think the Friday talk is not only meaningful for the China-US relations, but also for the global geopolitical situation. The Chinese leader’s remarks showed countries closely following the U.S. in inciting a crisis what a responsible major power should do in facing with problems,” Lu said.

“The Ukraine crisis is already a headache for the U.S. and it will not like more confrontations with China. The U.S. and its politicians should abandon the fantasy that they could solve all problems by imposing sanctions or coercion as it is impossible to solve global problems, including political crises or economic issues without China and Russia,” Lu asserted.

According to the transcript, Biden had a plan going in but it appears he folded real fast once the call started.

Unfortunately, this was predictable as Joe has trouble remembering where he is, and the last thing I believe Biden wants to do is to get on the bad side of the Chinese Leadership or any of the Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs Hunter may have ‘agreements’ with.

The damage the U.S. is experiencing by having a weak man in the Oval Office will not be known for many years after he leaves office.

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