BOOM – Mike Lindell Sends 10,000 MyPillows To Freedom Convoy In Canada (VIDEO)

BOOM – Mike Lindell Sends 10,000 MyPillows To Freedom Convoy In Canada (VIDEO)

After weeks of anti-vaccine mandate protesting by the Freedom Convoy, which has bogged down Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau just declared martial law against the Freedom Convoy Protest.

Trudeau is invoking an executive order that was formerly called the War Measures Act. The Emergencies Act is the rebrand used during two world wars and in 1970 when militant Quebec separatists kidnapped a British diplomat.

The Freedom Convoy which is made up of primarily Canadian truckers, made international news when thousands of drivers and supporters parked their massive vehicles in front of the parliament building, lifting their voices in unison – as a peaceful protest.

In a public sign of support for the truckers, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell joined a live Right Side Broadcasting Network stream Tuesday morning, providing updates for their large audience.

Mr. Lindell said he has directed his team to send 10,000 MYPillows across the US/Canadian border to be delivered to the Freedom Convoy truckers. According to Mike, the delivery includes 1,000 Bible pillows for the trucker’s children to enjoy.

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The reason the pillows needed to be brought in from the U.S., according to Lindell, is because the small factory outside of Ottawa, which was established following a new 30% tariff on imports put in place by Prime Minister Trudeau, is not large enough to manufacture this huge amount of support going to the truckers.

Mr. Lindell said his support of the truckers is a continuation of his fight for liberty. Mike is still challenging the November 3rd, 2020 presidential election results especially in the swings states of AZ, PA, MI, WI, and GA.

In what is still being attacked by the far left, Lindell spent millions of dollars by last summer by hosting a three-day symposium featuring IT and coding forensic experts, documenting apparent violations of election laws and international voting interference.

After challenging the electronic voting machines companies, like Dominion, Lindell has been sued and ostracised by the fake news industry perpetually.

In addition to the far left attacking Lindell, following a month of warnings, Mike was just given notice from his bank, Minnesota Bank & Trust, that they were no longer asking Lindell to leave their bank, but are instead are closing his accounts effective February 18th.

According to Mike, the accounts that are being closed include the bank accounts for two of his primary platforms for discussing voter fraud, Lindell TV and FrankSpeech, plus the account for his non-profit Lindell Recovery Network.

Mike shared his testimony of how God delivered him from his addiction to drugs, offering his book for free with every order.

MyPillow founder opens up about addiction.

Did you know that Mike Lindell, founder, and inventor of MyPillow, had a major cocaine and crack cocaine addiction for years? Then, he quit the addiction in one day and found peace in his life. He now spends his life dreaming up ways to help all with The Most Comfortable Pillow, MyPillow.Read more about this amazing story at:

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