“How Many More Until We’re All Grieving” – 28-Year-Old Woman Speaks Out After Suffering Functional Neurological Disorder Following Pfizer Vaccination

“How Many More Until We’re All Grieving” – 28-Year-Old Woman Speaks Out After Suffering Functional Neurological Disorder Following Pfizer Vaccination

A 28-year-old businesswoman from Reading, England was diagnosed with a Functional Neurological Disorder, a condition directly at the intersection of neurology and psychiatry, after receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

Katrina Hermez shared on her social media that her life turned upside down after getting the vaccine last June 27th. Katrina took the vaccine because she assumed it was the right thing to do as told by the government.

“I have to speak out… I had my first jab because I was made to believe it was the correct thing to do by our government. But a week after now, it changed my life and turned it on its head. I am now having – full-body paralysis, seizures, speech issues, nearly diagnosed amnesia, migraines every day, blood in my ear, vertigo, nausea, and more. I want my story to be heard to save others from this happening to them,” Katrina wrote on her Instagram account two weeks ago.

“They said it would protect me, they said it would protect others, they said it could save us, they said we need at least one, then two, now three. How many more until we’re all grieving?” she continued.

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On Wednesday, Katrina posted another update on her condition. She stated in her caption that she will not give up sharing the truth.

Read is her latest update (Gateway Pundit):

You know when you get that feeling… deep in the pit of your stomach… when something feels so wrong that you don’t know where to turn…

Now I’ve come to a point in this suffering where i don’t care what medical science you have read on google, which book you’re going by, which doctors’ surgery has set this agenda or which news channel you’ve watched…
I am being neglected by medical professionals scared to lose their jobs

I am vaccinated and injured.

I was a normal 28-year-old girl, who ran her own spa business from home, did art, kept physically fit, and felt well within myself every day.

On June 27th, 2021 I made the decision like millions of other people to have the Pfizer vaccine because I believed, (as don’t forget…we were told) this would protect us and the people around us. Now a proven lie.

And 5 days later my injury symptoms began and have now amounted to the use of a wheelchair, 10 episodes of temporary paralysis that lasts hours to days on end, transient Amnesia, 3 types of non-epileptic seizures, Migraines, Cluster headaches, Joint pain, neuralgia, Pins, and Needles, Burning pain all over body, Chest pains every other day, Noise sensitivity, Light sensitivity, Skin sensitivity, Severe confusion, Severe dizziness, Ringing in ears, Speech /stutter, slurred, repeating words, Palpitations, Dissociation, Blood in my ear, Black sores on mouth walls, Intermittent hearing loss, Blurry vision, Muscle Stiffness, Rashes, Extreme exhaustion.

This is not COVID. This is not long COVID. This is a direct injury from the Pfizer vaccine.

I will not be silenced, I will not be told I don’t have proof, I will not be laughed at, I will not be condescended and I will not be undermined by people who feel offended by this misreckoning.

I don’t care whether you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated at this point. I care about my health and the health of other people and children who are or potentially are going to be harmed by this experiment.

If you think this is “viral symptoms” or “all in my head”…. history will not be on your side.

I will not stay quiet. I am vaccine injured. And I will not give up sharing my truth.

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