IT’S TIME JOE! Democrat, Republican Governors Tell Biden To ‘Move Away From The Pandemic’

IT’S TIME JOE! Democrat, Republican Governors Tell Biden To ‘Move Away From The Pandemic’

Of all the issues that have divided the United States since 2019, the conflicting information on COVID had elevated the topic from the kitchen table to the public square.

The democratic party, until recently, has been united behind the Biden administration’s push for national masking and vaccinations.

However, with Omicron’s milder symptoms now documented, a whopping 70% of Americans polled are now ready to move on from COVID.

The poll showed a definite partisan split, with 89 percent of Republicans saying it is time to move forward compared with 47 percent of Democrats. Seventy-one percent of independents say it is time to move forward, according to the survey.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) told reports after the meeting that the bipartisan group of governors all agreed that the U.S. needs to move on from the pandemic.

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“There’s a number of areas that we have full agreement on, and that is one: We need to move away from the pandemic,” Hutchinson said, adding, “and we asked the President to help give us clear guidelines on how we can return to a greater state of normality.”

Even as CNN is trying to explain the move away from COVID restrictions, the far-left network still has to throw some fear into the conversation.

While there is more optimism that the worst of the pandemic is ending, the US daily average of cases remains near 500,000, averaging more than 1,000 deaths per day, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A reporter asked Hutchinson how the US could move away from the pandemic when Covid hospitalizations were at an all-time high.” Obviously, you can’t move away from a virus that’s still there. You can’t control that,” he said, but added that “people are striving for more normal life.”

Hutchinson added that the bipartisan group of governors wanted to “partner with the administration” to help the U.S. “move beyond the pandemic,” CNN reported.

When asked how the U.S. could move on when hospitalizations are at nearly an all-time high, Hutchinson responded that “Obviously, you can’t move away from a virus that’s still there. You can’t control that.” He added that “people are striving for a more normal life.”

He also told reporters that there were “probably better-measuring sticks” to tell how the U.S. is handling COVID-19 than case numbers, “which is hospitalizations, but how about the hospitalizations that are really caused by Covid.”

Hutchinson added that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were “working on giving us the right standards for that.”

Hutchinson made similar remarks on Sunday when he appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” The Daily Wire reported. Host Chuck Todd asked Hutchinson about seasonal waves of the coronavirus.

“So if we assume we’re going to get hit seasonally now, what do you need in the next five months before your summer – if it is another summer surge like you dealt with – what do you think needs to be done by the federal government to let you have the tools you need to handle your summer surge?” Todd asked.

Hutchinson responded by saying that cases are going on and the U.S. needs to focus on the infrastructure surrounding the pandemic as well as testing and therapeutics. He also insisted the country needs to move away from “panic mode”:

And I do believe that we need to move from a pandemic status and mode of operation to more endemic, where we’re normalizing taking it very seriously, preparing, but I think we need to move out of the panic mode. I think we need to handle this to make sure that we continue with our normal lives.

Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ) also attended the meeting with governors and Biden, and said there was a “lot of good discussion about what does the road from pandemic to endemic look like? How do we keep score?”

This is another good sign that the left is starting to lose the COVID argument.

Hopefully by summer a majority of the United States in back to living normal American lives again..

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