Doctor Blindsides CNN Host: Omicron is ‘Mostly Mild,’ There are ‘No Red Flags’

Doctor Blindsides CNN Host: Omicron is ‘Mostly Mild,’ There are ‘No Red Flags’

CNN invited Dr. Salim Abdool Karim, a South African doctor, to discuss the latest medical information on the Omicron variant, which is being used to justify increasingly extreme government mandates and lockdowns in numerous once-free nations.

Omicron’s impact on patients thus far has been “mostly mild,” but there may be “severe” cases later, the doctor said.

CNN host Brianna Keilar began by asking the doctor about Omicron’s transmissibility. In a sign that the “experts” have already given up on the “vaccines” stopping variants like Delta and Omicron, she gives a tacit admission that they are not “effective” against these mutations.

“Is this more transmissible and are you seeing it evade vaccines?” Keilar asked. “Yes,” Dr. Karim replied. “When we look at the virus itself, it has several mutations that should confer on it the ability to transmit faster, but of course we need to know whether it’s doing so.

So now, when we look at the epidemiological data, we’ve compared the three previous waves and the rate at which they increase in the first seven days after the wave threshold. And what we have found is that the Omicron variant is doubling faster than any of the three previous waves.”

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