Hilarious – ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Store Opens In Massachusetts Town

Hilarious – ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Store Opens In Massachusetts Town

One of the main driving factors behind the success of the American capitalistic economic system is the ability for entrepreneurs to seize on opportunities, while the “iron is hot”.

For example, in late November a “Let’s Go Brandon” store opened in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, close to the Rhode Island line.

Their “Let’s Go Brandon” merchandise includes hats, shirts, and signs, according to WJAR-TV of Providence, Rhode Island.

The phrase became an internet sensation in early October after an NBC Sports reporter working at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race incorrectly reported that fans were chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!” following a victory by driver Brandon Brown, when they were really shouting, “F— Joe Biden!”

Memes, jokes, and comments immediately began to spread across the internet posted by users – either mocking NBC’s coverage during the interview or criticizing President Biden.

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Since then, profane anti-Biden chants at college football games and other events have sometimes been replaced by the less R-rated “Let’s go, Brandon” chants.

The outlet published a photo of the store’s outdoor sign which has the words “Let’s Go Brandon Store,” with the “e” in “let’s” made up of three horizontal red stripes like in the logo that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris used for their 2020 presidential election campaign. The logo also has images of black-and-white checkered racing flags.

Another photo published by WJAR shows a rack of signs it said were on sale at the store, with one reading “The 2nd Amendment is my gun permit.” Another sign says: “God, guns, & guts made America. Let’s keep all three.” A third reads: “When I die don’t let me vote Democrat.”


Far-left politicians, like Rep. Gloria Johnson, a Tennessee Democrat, tweeted last month that she believes the anti-Biden chant “should be equal to burning the flag.”

Some Republicans, meanwhile, have embraced the phrase. For example, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last month chose the site of Brandon, Florida, near Tampa, for a bill-signing ceremony in a thinly veiled jab at the president.

It was unclear if there were any similar “Let’s Go Brandon” stores opening in the Providence area.

The Fall River Reporter reported that another Let’s Go Brandon store had recently opened in Somerset, North Attleborough, on the site of a former New England for Trump store that had closed in late 2020.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show. Follow me on his website ETTALKSHOWMAGABOOKTwellit & Twitter.