Merry Christmas – Anonymous Donor Gifts $80K Worth of Toys to Toys for Tots!

Merry Christmas – Anonymous Donor Gifts $80K Worth of Toys to Toys for Tots!

An anonymous donor purchased $80,000 worth of toys from a California toy store and donated them to Toys for Tots.

The generous purchase took place on Tuesday at Geppetto’s Toys in The Forum Carlsbad in Carlsbad, California, according to Fox 5. The outlet was present while Marines loaded a plethora of toys onto a truck.

“If you ever wondered what a huge heart looks like, a huge heart is opening up today at Geppetto’s where our anonymous friend has donated – purchased 80,000 worth of toys for Toys for Tots,” said Geppetto’s owner Brian Miller in a Facebook post.

“So, thank you to our anonymous donor,” he went on to say. “Thank you to the Marines for all of your service, every day, and for being here today and making so many kids happy.”

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Fox 5 reports the donation began at $50,000 but was recently upped to $80,000. Miller told the outlet that this is the fifth year he has been working in partnership with the donor.

“You could have picked me up off the floor when his assistant walked in and said ‘today we’re going to spend 80,000 in toys,” Miller told Fox 5. “I was speechless, thinking ‘how many kids is that going to give a toy to this year.”

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