DeSantis Targets D.C. Elites: ‘No Accountability.

DeSantis Targets D.C. Elites: ‘No Accountability.

In a wide-ranging speech at a dinner hosted by the Heritage Foundation, Florida GOP governor Ron DeSantis took aim at President Biden and other “elites” in Washington D.C., declaring of Biden’s vaccine mandate, “This is fundamentally about abuse of federal power and unconstitutional use of the federal government.

If the federal government can get away with this, they’re going to get away with a lot more,” DeSantis added, “There’s a uni-party in Washington, D.C., and they look out for themselves more than the rest of the American people” and “Nobody’s ever held accountable. If you’re in the club in D.C., there’s no accountability. How the hell else does Fauci still have a job?”

“While other states kept locking people down, Florida kept lifting people up. We did not sub-contract out leadership to Dr. Fauci,” DeSantis asserted. “I resolved in the state of Florida, we would be a free state; we would not allow our state to descend into a Faucian dystopia in which people’s freedoms were curtailed and their livelihoods were ruined”.

“In September, the U.S. reported about 194,000 new jobs nationwide; Florida’s share of that was 84,500 jobs,” DeSantis pointed out. He promised to try and get legislation enacted which would create an Election, Crimes and Integrity unit to protect against election violations.

He also noted, “We’ll be holding a special session of the Florida legislature next week to make sure that in the state of Florida, nobody has to choose between the jab and their job.”

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